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.cuteness gets an attitude.

.so girly it hurts.
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...because tough girls can be girly too.

...because you can be girly even while mucking around in your dickies and combat boots.

...because girly pictures don't always have to be of girls.

...because make-up is ALWAYS good.

...because we're all camera whores.

...because you don't have to be a princess to be prissy.



1. NO CATTY COMMENTS! doing this will not only prove that you're jealous, but it will also find you banned. you want people to respect you, then respect them.

2. pictures are ENCOURAGED, but if they're going to take up someone's entire friends page, put it behind a neat little cut.

3. promotion of your own community is fine, just keep it short and a sweet and give a really good reason why we should join.

*more to be added as needed*

keep in mind, this community is BRAND NEW. give it some time before you say it sucks. or better yet, make one of your own and show me how to do it better.

~owner/moderator: </a></b></a>vi0lette